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Navigation Rating

The navigation rating of each ring is intended to give the surfer some idea of how easy it is to navigate the ring when visiting sites. The value can range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best possible rating.

The score is based on two measures: The percentage of active sites that have working navigation code (as determined byt he WebRing web site checker) and the percentage of sites that have the navigation code placed on the registered URL for the web site (some web sites place the navigation code on a separate links page, thus making it a little harder for users to find the navigation code).

For a ring to earn a 100 rating all sites must have valid navigation code on the registered URL. This is sometimes not entirely feasible, and the WebRing web site checker is at other times confused by third party ISP systems and highly elaborate page generation schemes. Thus, a rating of 90 or higher is considered a well maintained ring. Values lower than 90 indicate the ring may be more difficult to navigate. Very low values (under 75) suggest poorly managed rings.

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